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UnClobber Cheat Sheets

I took the Bible chapters from UnClobber and distilled my research down in to manageable, easy to read one page PDFs. Sure, you could (and should!) read the whole chapter on Romans, for instance, but if it's TL;DR, then these cheat sheets are for you!


Tips for Crafting Your Vision, Mission, and Values

If you ever been in a position of leadership, then you've probably heard about Vision, Mission, and Values. But what are they? How are they different? How do you craft them?

In this guide I offer a simple breakdown of each. Giving you a leg-up in setting your organization on a path to thrive!


Chapter 1 of UnClobber

How about a little try-before-you-buy?

Get the first chapter for free, where I share about the misalignment between my head (the anti-gay theology I grew up with) and my heart (my desire to see people as God sees them).