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The Newest Non-LGBTQ-Affirming Approach: Reviewing Preston Sprinkle's "Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender"

Until the church wakes up to how we’ve misused the bible to justify our discrimination of LGBTQ people, we will continue to perpetuate divisive, marginalizing, isolating, and dehumanizing attitudes and actions.

I applaud Preston Sprinkle’s heart in trying to get the church to be more loving, but I fear he’s simply teaching new and improved ways to wrap the turd of exclusion and judgment.

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Why it CAN'T Be "All About the Bible"

The other day we had a first time visitor at Sojourn who beelined to me after the service and immediately asked, “what version of the Bible do you use?”

This was my first clue that perhaps our church was not going to be a great fit for her.

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