Over 10,000 Copies of UnClobber Sold!

To celebrate hitting the 10,000 copies sold mark, I’m doing an UnClobber giveaway!

Details at the end of the post.

©Talewind Visuals

©Talewind Visuals

These are the TEN BOOKS I’ll be GIVING AWAY!

These are the TEN BOOKS I’ll be GIVING AWAY!

Recently my publisher (Westminster John Knox) from my first book, UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality informed me that we had just passed the (totally arbitrary yet I’m still calling it a) milestone of 10,000 copies sold!

Can you believe it!?!

UnClobber came out 2.5 years ago and, as a first time author with a virtually non-existent platform, I had very little idea or expectation of what to expect. I’ve read that the average book sells about 250 copies in its lifetime, and I hear that if you can get past 1,000 copies then you’ve essentially been able to reach beyond the “friends and family” circle of your network.

So when UnClobber sold 5,000 copies in its first year I was elated!

I couldn’t believe (and still can’t, really) that that many people invested their time, resources, and energy into better understanding how Christianity has misunderstand and misused the bible to justify discrimination against LGBTQ people.

Since entering the world of publishing, I’ve discovered it’s common for most books do a majority of their sales in the first year. Which makes sense. There’s a big spike at the beginning when the book launches, followed by the inevitable descending tail of sales—the steepness of which depends on things like word of mouth, publicity, and so on.

Then, when I got my publishing report after year two, I saw that another 2800 copies sold. Again, I was simultaneously surprised and moved. Yes, sales of UnClobber did the typical drop-after-launch, but it also continued to sell… a slow but constant trickle here and there.

Turns out, this particular topic isn’t going away anytime soon, and people are continually in need of resources for reconciling their head and their heart when it comes to the Bible and sexuality. As a result, UnClobber has had a surprisingly (for me, anyway… but again, I’m a first time author, so what do I know?) strong shelf-life.

So now we’re nine months into the third year, and if we just passed 10,000 sales then my math skills suggest that another 2,200 have sold so far this year! Which means its 3rd year sales are on pace to match or even surpass year two.


Anyway, I’m super happy about all this.
10,000 copies seems like a lot to me!
And it feels like cause to celebrate

So I’ve ordered 10 of my own books (because this is how author’s do it, btw. We buy our OWN books so that we can give them away or sell. :)
I want to autograph them and give it to ten of you for free!

I’m giving away five via Instagram and five via Facebook/The Internets.

Here’s how to enter:


If you’re on Instagram, it’s easy.

  1. Follow me

  2. Comment on one of the giveaway photos and tag two friends that you think might be interested in a book like UnClobber. That’s it!

  3. Wait for the giveaway to end on Friday June 21st and I’ll announce and contact the winners!


If you’re on Facebook, it’s also easy

  1. Click this link to go the Giveaway Tab on my Official Facebook page

  2. “Like” the FB page and follow the instructions in the Giveaway box by entering your email address. That’s it!

  3. Get Bonus points and increase your odds of winning by following me on Twitter.

  4. Wait for the giveaway to end on Friday June 21st and I’ll announce and contact the winners!

  5. If you are NOT on Facebook (lucky you, well done), you can go straight to the Giveaway Entry page by going here.

Good Luck!

Finally, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to any of you who are one of the 10,000 people who purchased UnClobber.

I’ve heard from so many of you how grateful you are for the book, but my friends, I am equally grateful for YOU, your courage, your support, and your willingness to question long held ideas—because I believe that’s what Love would do (and does).

Good luck on the Giveaway!

Feel free to share this page with family and friends who might also want to enter (although, I suppose that would decrease your odds of winning, huh? Interesting dilemma… I’ll trust you to do what’s best.)