Dear Children, I Need You To Always Know, I Stand Opposed to Trump as President


Dear Children,

It’s important to me that you know that I stand—and have stood—against sexist and misogynist language and actions, homophobic ideology, xenophobic fear mongering, and any disdain for humans who aren’t straight, white, and male.

My life these past half dozen years has been dedicated to loving and lifting up those whom society has cast to the margins. Sadly, it hasn’t always been this way (and my first book details that for you), but once I discovered the truth that all people are loved children of God, worthy and enough just as they are, it changed it everything.

But just in case it’s ever unclear, I want to make certain that you know that I stand against those things I listed above.

If anyone ever suggests to you that

-women are objects, able to be ranked and graded for their looks, and able to be touched when they don’t want it and talked about in demeaning ways

-non-straight people are vile and don’t deserve rights that straight people do

-people from religious backgrounds other than “Christian” are a threat to be questioned, quarantined, or converted

-darker skinned humans are lazy, or thugs, or less trustworthy 

-poor people are unwilling to work hard, or entitled free-loaders, or simply not worthy of regard

If anyone ever suggests any of this to you, please children, know that your father could not disagree more. Know that I preach tolerance, yes, but at the same time I don’t tolerate anything short of full respect and equality for all people.

In other words,

I have zero tolerance for any position that seeks to divide humanity.

Maybe that’s the simplest way to put it.

Anyone who wants to divide (based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or otherwise) is simply and fundamentally at odds with what I believe to be the truest thing about humanity: that we are all loved children of God.

And yes, I get that that sounds confusing. Because aren't I creating a division in saying that I stand directly opposed to any ideology that seeks to divide?

Yes. Absolutely I am.

Because sometimes the best way to remain faithful to your own convictions is to follow them all the way out, even to the point of betraying them.

(I’m getting off topic, let me return).

Kids, I need you to know, that whatever the history books write from this point forward, that as for me and your mother, we passionately oppose any and all forms of discrimination, division, language and/or actions designed to harm the already oppressed and ensure they remain within oppression.

And here’s the thing… next week, our county is voting for the next President.

And while I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide, there always remains the possibility that Donald Trump will procure enough votes to secure the White House.

Should that happen, here’s what I hope you will always be able to know about me.

Everything I listed above, that I stand in firm opposition to and have dedicated my life to fighting against, all those things are the foundation of the ideology for Donald Trump.

Which therefore means—and let this be unwaveringly clear—I stand in 100% opposition to Donald Trump as President.

And that, sweet children, is the sole reason for this blog post.

Because (unless Russia hacks us and deletes all of this… ha!) this will remain for all time a testament that your parents stood opposed to misogyny, bigotry, racism, patriarchy, elitism, fear of other cultures and religions, hatred of LGBTQ people, and the desire to devalue some humans while elevating others.

Now, let me say one last thing.

My belief that all people are loved children of God absolutely extends to Donald Trump. And it absolutely extends to the millions of people that will vote for him, and thereby agree with his vision for a world that divides, conquers, shames, and harms.

Donald J. Trump is a beloved son of God, fully accepted and worthy and enough just as he is.

He has just totally forgotten.

He has listened to the voices that tell us that some people are better than others. He has listened to the voices that convince us to fear one another. And he has completely forgotten that his truest identity is a loved child of God.

Which means, of course, that he has forgotten that every other human being is also a beloved child of God.

Whatever world you inhabit, as you grow, my prayer for you is that you never forget.

Never forget that you are enough, worthy, beautiful, and whole. You are a loved child of God. And so is everyone else.

And do your best to have grace and compassion for those in your life that forget this.

There are people in my life that have also sadly forgotten this, and come next week they will vote for Donald Trump. They will vote for sexism and patriarchy. They will vote for hatred and violence and fear. They will vote to return to a society where many people are treated as less than human.

They have simply forgotten who they are, and they have forgotten who everyone else is, too.

I promise to do my best to have grace and compassion for them. And fully accept them as loved children of God.

But I also promise to never accept their ideas about humanity.

They are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Okay, that’s probably enough for now. I’ll close by just making one final, clear summary of what I want you to know.

I believe all people are loved children of God.

Therefore, I believe in treating all humans with dignity and respect and equality.

Therefore, I firmly oppose any ideas that seek to divide, oppress, and harm others.

Therefore, I firmly oppose any politician who wants to create a society that is built on the belief that men are better than women, straights are better than gays, whites are better than non-whites, Christians are better than other religions, and rich people are better than the poor.

Therefore, I firmly oppose Donald J. Trump for President.


Your Dad