UnClobber, the BOOK, is finally here!

Okay, so it KINDA looks like I want to punch someone.. but I swear, that's my "fist-pumping" happy face! PEOPLE!

Can you even believe it?!

Finally, after 15 months, my first book, "UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality" is here!!!

Already I have heard from people who excitedly tell me,

"I can finally and fully accept and celebrate my gay friends and family AND still hold fast to the Bible!"

That's what this book is about.

Showing people that you don't have to ignore the Bible,

you don't have to disregard it,

you can face the Clobber Passages head on,

and discover that they lead NOT to a place of condemnation for the LGBTQ community,

but to a radical place of love, hospitality, acceptance, and celebration.

Already I have heard from LGBTQ folks,

"Finally, after so many years, I can stop thinking I'm going straight to hell. Thank you for helping me believe I am a loved child of God!"

Already I have heard from people who resonate with my journey to align my inner convictions with my external reality.

So many people feel trapped in their current contexts. Afraid to say out loud, "this is what I believe," because their faith community won't know how to receive it.. or them.

UnClobber will truly liberate people who:

  • identify as LGBTQ, and believe the Bible condemns them
  • have loved ones who are LGBTQ, but struggle to know how to embrace them
  • feel torn between their head and their heart when it comes to the Bible and homosexuality.

If you haven't done so yet,


You won't regret it.

And then, after you buy the book...


This would be so helpful in terms of getting more and more people UnClobber'd.

You are lovely people, and I love you!



Head over to UnClobber.com and see if I'll be near you this fall!

I'm coming to:

Minneapolis St Louis Central Kentucky Dallas/Fort Worth Denver and more!

Plus, bring me to your church, school, or son's 4th birthday party! (I can juggle)