Short Films to Tease UnClobber

Trailer collage Seeing as how this is my first book, it's safe to say I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing when it comes to marketing and promotion. It's not that I don't have thoughts and ideas (I do), but I'm not exactly sure how it all works. Or what pitfalls to avoid. Or how to best talk about the book.

But it's cool. I enjoy sort of making it up as I go.

One idea I had was to release a series of short films--trailers, if you will--that speak to different aspects of what UnClobber will talk about. And then release one per week leading up to the release of the book on September 28.

So a couple months back I partnered with the visionary and creative geniuses at Talewind Visuals to help tell some of the story of UnClobber on film.

The results so far have been amazing.

Last week we released the first one, which was a series of epic shots of me making coffee (because, duh) while I drew out some handwritten lettering for the title of the book. Overlaid with three different endorsements the book has received so far, from Brian McLaren, Glennon Doyle Melton, and Rob Bell.

Check it out:

Unclobber trailer 1

Then yesterday, we released the second film. Gorgeously shot at a friend's home right on the beach.

They just happen to have these massive wooden letters that spell LOVE (perfect), on a porch that overlooks the ocean (yes please) all while paddle boarders and dolphins swim behind us (are you kidding me?!).

Oh, and I guess I also said some stuff too... about how UnClobber tells the story of me aligning my head and my heart when it comes to homosexuality and the Bible... that's important too.

Check it out:

UnClobber Trailer 2


A massive thanks to Logan at Talewind Visuals for working so hard on all of this.