6 Books You Need to Read (and Share) this Fall

It is a good time to be both a person-trying-to-follow-Jesus and a person-with-a-more-just-and-generous-faith. At least, as far as reading material goes. This fall, there is no shortage of fantastic books coming out that every progressive (or progressive-ish*) Christian should be adding to their library.

Here are six (in order of release) to go Pre-Order now! Just click on the photo.

Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist. August 9th

I guess this one is technically a Summer Release, but oh well. For fans of Shauna, you already know her ability to write the most beautifulest of words. In the most profoundest of ways. I'm longing for more Presence in my own life, and I can't wait for Shauna to help me move toward a more soulful way of living.

Love Warrior

Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton September 6th

The book I'm most excited about on this list, Glennon's follow up to her massively successful first book, Carry On Warrior, promises to be even more raw, real, and brutiful (beautiful + brutal). I'm a huge fan of Glennon's voice in the world, and this memoir will bring a lot of healing to a lot of people.

A Mile Wide

A Mile Wide, by Brandon Hatmaker September 13th

I don't know a ton about Brandon yet, but if his Instagram posts about his newest book are to be believed, I think "A Mile Wide" will be golden. His experience as a church planter is also intriguing to me. But I love the subtitle, "Trading a shallow religion for a deeper faith." Yes please.

Finding God

Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science, by "Science" Mike McHargue September 13th

Science Mike has sort of taken Christianity by storm as of late. His fresh voice brings scientific credibility to his genuine faith. So many of us have found encouragement in his approach to what it means to love God and love others. His memoir, of losing and finding faith, will certainly be a page turner.

The Great Spiritual Migration

The Great Spiritual Migration, by Brian McLaren September 20th

No one's writing has changed my life more than Brian McLaren. I eagerly await each new book, and this one is no exception. Brian has been at this whole "how-can-christianity-not-suck-but-actually-help-the-world" game for many years, so I trust him when he says he has thoughts on how we can become better followers of Jesus.

The Divine Dance

The Divine Dance, by Richard Rohr October 4th

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest, and it still shocks me that the Catholic Church hasn't kicked him out yet. His approach to spirituality is probably the one that resonates with me the most, and his vision for how to BE in this world is one I long to live in to. The topic of the Trinity has never interested me much, but if Rohr is talking about it, I'm going to listen.

*I recognize that not everyone on this list would identify as "Progressive," nor would every Progressive necessarily endorse or get behind everyone on this list. But hey, it's a good thing that no one ever believes we should only read people who agree with us on everything, right?!


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