The Five Dollar Challenge

SGC-presents-The-Five-Dollar-Challenge Today is the first day of The Five Dollar Challenge.

The Five Dollar Challenge came out of my sermon from two Sundays ago when i talked about the problem of Hunger in our Broken World. This planet actually produces enough food to feed the more than 7 billion occupants, but the reality is that 1 in 8 people go to bed each day hungry.

And not just a "oh I haven't eaten in a couple hours so my tummy is grumbling." No, this is Hunger in the sense that their normal day consists of not getting enough food for their body to function properly.

So in my sermon, after talking about Hunger for a bit, I challenged our church to take The Five Dollar Challenge this week. The idea is simple: choose three days this week where you will eat on $5 or less for the whole day. Then, at the end of the week, determine how much money you didn't spend on food, that you normally would have, and donate that money to our virtual food drive through the San Diego Food Bank (who  feeds 370,000 people every month here in San Diego County).

It's not too late to participate! And you don't have to go to our church or live in San Diego to take part. Just visit the website, register, check out the FAQ's if you want, and also RSVP on the Event page on Facebook. Determine your three days this week, and make it happen!

The goal of The Five Dollar Challenge is to move some of us towards a place of empathizing more with those who experience regular hunger. And then we are moved from awareness to action.

We are currently in the season of Lent where traditionally the church has encouraged almsgiving as a spiritual practice. So consider taking part in the Five Dollar Challenge as part of your Lenten Expression.