They're Not Really Talking to ME

You remember that scene from Disney Pixar's Cars where Lizzie, the rather senile old car, says:

Lizzie: "You keep talking to yourself, people'll think you're crazy."

And McQueen, assuming she was talking to him, says:

Lightnining McQueen: "Thanks for the tip."

To which, Lizzie comically corrects him:

Lizzie: "What? I wasn't talking to you!"

Well, as some of you know, last week I participated in launching The NALT Christians Project. I posted this video as part of the initial group of NALT videos.

For reasons I can only conjecture at, my video attracted much of the attention and consumed a majority of the "views."

Although it's only about 18,000 views it was/is still a strange experience to stop and think about 18,000 strangers out there looking at me for over 3 minutes. Listening to what I'm saying.

I cannot imagine what it must be like or feel like to be one of those viral-video "stars."

Anyways, because my video amassed significantly more views than other NALT videos, it also then became the place for the trolls of the interwebs to express their collective disgust at the NALT project in general, but against gay people in particular.

And, as it turns out, any one who might dare suggest the things I suggested in my video.

Wow. People can get fired up!

Of course, I'm not naive. None of it was surprising. I know how comment sections work, and typically it is not too pretty.

Here's a few of my favorite moments from the 300+ comments:

You certainly have no Christian attributes that I can detect. Stop "playing church", you aren't a child of God.

[people like this] they're called false prophets. And as the Bible predicted they'd be everywhere. You'd have to legally call this man a liar, regardless of your stance: he couldn't have missed 1st Corinthians 6:9

COLBY !!! DUDE !!!! REALLY !!! Who are you trying to fool !!! If I were you I would be carefull on the way I tell people how God is. HE LOVES US!!HE IS LOVE !!! HE IS PERFECT!!! but HE DOES HATE SIN !!! And it is true .... He hates homo activity and says CLEARLY it IS an abomination !!! BTW ... ALL Christains should hate sin. (editors note: PLEASE tell me you see the irony here... ha!)

Colby is absolutely a liar, a pretender and a false prophet. The Bible predicted they (false prophets) would be quite numerous in the "end of the age".. and that time is right now.

This guy is such a liar. It literally says in chapter 6 of Corinthians that homosexuals will NOT enter the kingdom of God. So as a Christian, NO I will not support someone who is not going towards the kingdom of God. The devil supports those who are not going to Heaven, and I WILL NEVER have the same views that the devil has. Period!

Colby. Read up on FALSE TEACHERS. You might also want to give some thought to the souls whose blood will be on YOUR head for teaching a life style that THE God calls sin, is all fine and good. You need to truly seek him my friend because you are completely in league with the enemy of God at this point. In case youre unsure of who that would be I'll give you a hint, he fell from Heaven as a bolt of lightning. his name in Heaven was lucifer. I'll pray His for mercy on your children. (editor's note: my children say, "thank you.")

Wow. Colby, you need to go back to the Bible and read it again. You are either foolish or you are lost and without understanding. The Bible is explicit on this topic of homosexuality.

Colby is just an actor and someone else is pulling his strings, telling him what to say.

You are so wrong Colby. It not only goes against Gods law, it goes against natural law.... Man is not to lay with other men.Don't you get that ? How much more simple can God put it ? This is why I have a hard time saying I'm a Christian because of people like you ! I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. You are making excuses for sin

May I suggest you may want to look into purchasing a millstone.

(After I told ^this guy^ that I thought it was mean to tell people to kill themselves, he said) Colby, Jesus Himself stated in Matthew 18:6 that it would be better for you to drown with a millstone around your neck rather than to cause young people to stumble. You are leading young people, by the hand, to eternal torment, and yes, you are correct, that makes me very angry. But not mean. I will fight until my last breath to protect my daughter against the disguised attacks from men like you, wolves in sheep's clothing attempting to infiltrate my Savior's flock.

(Then, after I assured him I would never attack his daughter) But you are attacking young people just like my daughter by misleading them to believe that the Bible doesn't REALLY mean it when It says that "...effeminate, nor homosexuals" shall inherit the Kingdom of God. You can call me a big "meanie" all you want but it was Jesus who suggested that you would be better off with the millstone than doing what you are doing. I find it ironic that you are focused on my "mean" use of His suggestion for men like you as you lead countless young people to hell. (editor's note: Good point. I suppose it IS meaner to lead young people to Hell than it is to tell someone "go kill yourself.")

In your video you said "I began to study the Bible." Sir, lying is a sin.

God is not love, God is just. God does love as witnessed in His son's sacrifice for our transgressions. To say "God is love" is misleading as love is ambiguous. (editor's note: did he really just start his comment by saying, "God is not love?")

(editor's note: I told a few people I thought they were being mean and unkind. So this person said) This guy would have told Jesus "you have such malice and hatred and negativity" after he would of told them "unless you repent you will all likewise perish." Antichrist means "alternative Christ" in the Greek. This Man loves AntiChrist, a figment of his selfish imagination and is offended by the real Christ.

You (claiming to be Christian) are justifying as 'okay' that which is a damnable offense to a Holy God. It's heretical. Consider this a rebuke. Repent. Seriously. (editor's note: okay... but ONLY because you said "seriously!")

You said you couldn't find in the Bible regarding homosexuality is being condemned. You literally straight up lied. The only people who would fall for your video are those who never read the Bible, this won't influence Christians who actually follows what is stated in the New Testament. We follow the word of God, not men who changes the word into their own leisure like yourself. Have fun only attracting atheists and people who have already always supported lgbt rights like yourself.

I was encouraged early on to not read the comments on my video, but I've found them all to be far too fascinating to ignore. Plus, although I didn't list them here, there were a handful of very positive, encouraging, supportive and loving comments as well. And a lot more private messages and emails of support and thanks came in, too.

My wife finds it strange that I'm so fascinated by all these people. (editor's note: it is not strange that my wife finds something I do strange)

Even though the people above have said some really nasty things, and displayed an egregious lack of compassion, and have betrayed their own sorts of ignorance, I have not taken any of it personally. None of these comments have gotten to me. None of them have bothered me. None of them have got me fired up. (I did engage with a few people, if they actually asked a question. But I didn't dignify a lot of that stuff with any sort of response).

But honestly, the words above and the other couple hundred comments just don't bother me.


Because I know they're not actually talking to ME.

These words are not aimed at ME. It is not ME they are angry with, or threatened by.

They don't even know ME.

Their anger, malice, and vitriol is aimed at someone else. Someone who's hurt them in the past. Or, perhaps, even themselves.

Their fear is driven by whatever system of beliefs they've been indoctrinated in to.

Their cruelty is a result of simply not understanding.

But none of it has to do with ME.

I just put myself out there and became an easy target. A place for people to direct their negative energies.

But since I know that none of the above words have anything to do with ME, then it frees me from taking any of it personal. Taking any of it to heart.

Like Lizzie from Cars, if I were to stand in front of some of these people and reply to the words they typed on the comment section of my Youtube video, I know that, if they were honest enough or aware enough, they'd reply with:

What? I wasn't talking to you!