What are Prayings for?

The other night I was tucking our oldest two in to bed and I said, "okay boys, lets say our prayer."* To which Tai replied,

Dad, what are prayings for?

Setting aside a moment in my brain to chuckle at the word "prayings," I am struck by the maturity of this question. One which I've essentially been asking for about the past 10 years. And since I have yet to come up with a good answer, I decided to go Socratic on my son.

That's a good question, Tai. Why do YOU think people pray?

He pauses, but only for a beat, before answering my question,

So they can keep on living for a few more days?


That might be the best answer to what "prayings" are for that I've ever heard.

I said,

That's a great idea, Tai. I'll bet lots of people pray so that they can keep living for just a couple more days. Why else do you think people pray?

Almost immediately,

To make peace with God?


So, in summary, I have discovered that my 10 years of searching for the point of "prayings" could have been avoided had I only asked my 7 year old.

We pray so that we can survive. Keep on living. Keep on making it another day.

And we pray so that we can find peace with the Divine. Make and maintain a connection with God. Be reminded of Peace.

I love it.

What about you? What do YOU think prayings are for?

- - - - - - - - - - -

*The Prayer that we pray with our boys at bedtime is a modification of the Lord's Prayer that my wife wrote several years ago. It goes as follows:

Our Father (or Mother, we alternate) in Heaven, you are good. Your way is perfect. Let your way be done on earth just as like in Heaven. Please give us all we need to live each day. Forgive us when we hurt you And help us to always forgive others when they hurt us. Keep us close to goodness, mercy, and love, always. Your Kingdom is Forever. Amen.