Follow Friday: Scot McKnight

It's comfortable to read the people you agree with. It's safe. And easy. And, for the most part, super helpful.

They help you articulate what you think and feel. They help you feel not so alone (or crazy).

But, if we ONLY read the people we agree with, then we run the risk of becoming too sheltered and too ignorant.

Stretching the mind (and heart!) should always be something we strive for.

So for today's Follow Friday, I invite you to check out someone whom I respect greatly, and someone whom I disagree with on many things.

Scot McKnight is a professor of Theology at Northern Seminary, prolific author (most notably The King Jesus Gospel, One.Life, and The Blue Parakeet) and he blogs over at

If you're in the market for someone who conservatives call liberal and liberals call conservative, then Scot is your guy.

Always kind, always gracious, always seeking to love and live like Jesus.