Follow Friday: Rachel Held Evans Reviews "Torn"

"Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Christians versus Gays Debate" is the newest book from Justin Lee. Justin is the director of The Gay Christian Network, and has done some remarkable ministry over the years to both the LGBT community AND to the church world that doesn't jive with gay people well.

Rachel Held Evans (author of NYT Bestseller, A Year of Biblical Womanhood) is a prolific blogger who is really leading the way for a lot of young people who are disenfranchised with the evangelical Christianity they grew up with, but aren't ready to walk away from it all just yet.

This year, on her blog, she has undertaken the goal of talking more about sexuality. And I, for one, am both STOKED for her, and AFRAID for her.

She will, I'm sure, do an amazing job of navigating these sometimes cumbersome (and always controversial) issues. I invite you to join me in following along.

First up, she begins reviewing Justin Lee's "Torn."

Follow along, won't you?