The Penny Maker

"Grab my hand, we're heading to the parking lot," I said to Tai, my 6 year old son, as we were leaving Chipotle on Sunday.

Perhaps some 6 year olds don't need hand holding in parking lots, but then again, some 6 year olds probably live in this world.

Tai? Not so much. He spends most of his waking hours in his own world. His own reality. He gets that from his mother (Growing up, Kate was often compared to Belle in Beauty and the Beast, specifically the scene where she wanders through the town square completely oblivious to the world going on around her).

So we often have to take special care to make sure that someone is looking out for Tai, cause he's generally not bothering to look out for himself. Because everything (and everyone) in Tai-land is good and safe.

Three steps in to the parking lot Tai stops. Pulls his little hand out from my grip, bends over and, with his long hair blowing in the wind, proceeds to pick up a shiny penny from off the pavement. He wipes it off, inspects it, and cheerfully puts it in his pocket. Thrilled that he's now one cent richer than his brother, I'm sure.

Grabbing my hand again we continue our trek to the van. Stepping out of Tai-land for a minute, he asks, "Dad, where do pennies come from?"

Not really knowing the answer, but also not wanting to let my son know just quite yet that Daddy doesn't know everything, I say, "from a factory."

Without skipping a beat, he asks back, "And then somebody takes the pennies and puts them all around the world for people to find and pick up?"

I don't even try to hide the smile that instantly comes to my face. I look at him as he hops in the van, "yeah buddy, something like that."

And that's Tai for you.

Finding a penny in the middle of a parking lot is likely enough to make this "the BEST DAY EVER!" A phrase he is fond of using. But it's not just the joy at finding a penny on the ground, it's the completely sensical rationale behind finding that penny that truly makes Tai special.

This penny, which probably doesn't mean much to most of the world, was specifically and strategically placed here, in this parking lot, just so that I could find it.

Placed here, with love and care, by The Penny Maker.

I couldn't agree more, Tai. And no one deserves that penny more than you do.

Keep your eye open today. Perhaps The Penny Maker has laid one out for you, too.