Liturgy of Doubt in Salem, OR

A couple months back I put on an evening of worship and I called it "Liturgy of Doubt" (thank you, Pete Rollins, for the language). It was an incredibly moving experience, and my wife kept saying, "you need to take this on the road... more people need to experience this!"

Well, THAT vision hasn't quite come to fruition (yet), but I WILL be up in Salem, Oregon this weekend to put on another Liturgy of Doubt at Courtstreet Christian Church.

So, if you are anywhere near Salem this Saturday, I invite you to come on out at 6pm and join me.. join us!

Here's a promo video I shot for their church.

[vimeo 57087543 w=500 h=281]

A Liturgy of Doubt Promo (Jan. 19th @6pm) from Court Street on Vimeo.