100th Post! Best (and Worst) of the Blog Thus Far

I have been blogging on and off for a couple years now, and let me tell you something: the people who successfully write blog posts every day, or even 3-5 times a week, are insanely crazy! It takes so much time, effort and energy to blog regularly.

Nonetheless, this post marks my 100th blog post, and as a way to celebrate (since I'm sure you all were HOPING to celebrate), here is a bit of a roundup of my first 100 blog posts thus far.

All-Time Most Read

Satan's Newest Book Out This Fall This is also one of my most favorite "creative" pieces. I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one. With a little love from Brian McLaren, who shared it on his blog, this post has generated the most traffic and been read the most times.

Most Read in One Day

Goodbye Grove On the morning our family pulled out of Arizona and moved back to Oregon I wrote this blog post to say goodbye to the church that we served at for 5 years. I honestly thought this was a beautiful tribute and helped our goal of "leaving peacefully." Strangely, however, The Grove leadership felt otherwise. They removed it immediately from their Facebook wall, and distanced themselves completely from it. Oh well, that didn't stop people from passing it around and hopefully be blessed by reading it, as I know I was blessed in writing it.

Most Commented On

Part I and Part II of Unclobber: The Bible and Homosexuality Kicking of this series (which is still underway) were two posts that generated a lot of discussion, questions, responses, and interaction. Turns out this is a controversial and slightly provocative subject... who knew?

Most Shared

And Yet it Moves Just last week I did a series on "Why I Write/Post So Much on the "Gay" Issue," and by far the best post of the series was Thursday's, "And Yet it Moves." This post was passed around and shared more than any blog I've written yet.

Top Categories

Culture, Church, Homosexuality I try and categorize all of my posts. And when I write about these three topics I tend to generate the most traffic.

Best Post That Nobody Read

The Gospel for All... Creation? Okay, so I really liked this post, but it didn't get viewed very much. So, if you're reading this, just do me a solid and go read it, so that it's stats will go up! Thanks.

Worst Attempt at a Series

Song for Today For like two weeks I thought, "hey, it would be cool if I shared a different song every day, and called it the Song for Today." Well, it wasn't that cool. And there was no way I could keep it up. #fail

Least Read Post

Love Your Enemy: Part 2 I guess only a hand full of people cared much about loving enemies. Can you blame them?

My Favorite "Off the Cuff" Post

If You Love Jesus, MUST you Hate Religion? There was this video of a spoken word artists going viral, about "hating religion" or something like that. It bugged me. I responded with this post which was basically a free-style of my own. But hey, it turned out pretty good!

Most Transparent Posts

Reflections of a Worship Pastor (in 3 Parts): The Burden and the Role, The Battle of Pride, and Good Enough In this mini-series I open up a bit about what it is like for me to lead worship. I get pretty honest and raw about myself in these three posts.


Thank you, readers, for taking the time to add my blog to your RSS feeds, to subscribe to my posts, to comment and dialogue with me and others.

Thank you, readers, for making it worthwhile for me to keep on writing and thinking and studying and sharing.

Thank you, readers, for helping me have an outlet for the part of me that thinks "I am a writer."

Thank you for reading along for the first 100.

Here's to 100 more.

Grace and Peace