How I Became Me: 30 Years of Life

Getting Old Whelp, it happens to almost everyone. Saying goodbye to the youthful 20's, and hello to the maturing 30's.

I kinda hope I don't mature TOO much.

I've never been one to care much about age, but for some reason turning 30 is kinda making me, I don't know, uneasy? Wondering what the next decade will bring me, when this past decade has already felt so amazingly full.

Anyways, as a way to sort of honor today, I wanted to reflect back on the past 30 years by identifying one (maybe two) signficantly impacting moments for each year of my life thus far. All of these moments have helped play a part in shaping who I am today. Those who know me best will recognize some of these, while others may just say, "oh, okay, that makes sense now." And for those who don't know me, well, this post probably won't interest you much!

A Look in to the Past 30 Years

Age 0 - Right before being born, my parents changed my name from Adam to Colby. Phew.

Age 1 - Hospitalized after choking on a sunflower seed. Near death experience #1.

Age 2 - Learned to stay dry through the night.

Age 3 - Pushed my 5 month old baby brother's stroller, with him in it, in to a camp fire

Age 4 - Grew an amazing mullet, sowing the seeds for always having my hair styled.

Age 5 - Discovered my knack for drawing.

Age 6 - Coach Bryan gave me a love for basketball.

Age 7 - Won a state wide contest for 2nd graders by answering the following question: "If I was governor for a day, I would __________" with the following answer: "Give every kid a mom and dad if they didn't have one."

Age 8 - Developed my amazing video game skills. (Honed on the classic NES game, Bubble Bobble)

Age 9 - My first crush (Julie Bingenheimer)

Age 10 - Telling my friend, Jeff Douglas, at school, "my parents are getting divorced"

Age 11 - Not getting picked for the "A" team in Basketball.

Age 12 - Grew tall and lost my chunky (oh yes, I had chunk).

Age 13 - Meeting one Katie Christensen in P.E. class (spoiler alert: 8 years later, she became Katie Martin)

Age 14 - Watched Braveheart, the movie that first made me realize the power of film. My love for cinema was born.

Age 15 - First job, working with kids at Albany Boys & Girls Club.

Age 16 - Worked at first Sign Shop, discovering my talent for graphic design.

Age 17 - Fell in love with Jesus at a Youth Conference in SoCal. || Survived a should-have-been-fatal car crash. Near death experience #2.

Age 18 - Front man for greatest band in history: Room 108. || Went to Greece for two weeks visiting the Footsteps of Apostle Paul.

Age 19 - Learned how to play the guitar. || FINALLY started dating Katie Ann.

Age 20 - Read Lord of the Rings AND all the Harry Potter books that were out. My love for all things fantasy was born.

Age 21 - Married the love of my life. || Graduated college (Corban University). Awarded Most Outstanding Worship Leader by Faculty, and Most Outstanding Preacher by my Peers.

Age 22 - Became a father for the first time, welcoming the amazing Ezekiel Jacob Martin in to the world. || First full-time job in ministry, Associate Worship Pastor at Salem Alliance Church.

Age 23 - Became a Licensed Pastor (through the Christian & Missionary Alliance). || Read "A New Kind of Christian" by Brian McLaren, starting my evolution towards an entirely different theological perspective. || Had my first ever beer (Mirror Pond Pale Ale). Mmmmm... beeeeer....

Age 24 - Grew our family by adding the one-of-a-kind Taieze Alexander. || Moved to Arizona to be Pastor of Worship & Arts at The Grove.

Age 25 - Bought and built our first home.

Age 26 - Acquiesced, finally, to the idea of getting a pet. Not just a pet, but a CAT! Turns out, if it's the right cat, I like them. Opened the door for also getting a dog.

Age 27 - Showed the world how crazy cool a baby could be, by welcoming the Squish Bucket himself, Jaemien Thomas. || Got over my insecurities and recorded my first EP.

Age 28 - Spent two weeks in Liberia, Africa on a missions trip, finally exposing myself to the reality of the Third World

Age 29 - Fired from The Grove. || Added our 4th beautiful baby boy, the always-smiling Huck Brenneman. || Moved to San Diego to join Missiongathering Christian Church as the Pastor of Worship & Arts.

Age 30 - Went to the Zoo with my family. Wrote this blog. (Only had one day thus far, so I guess these are the most significant things!)

And there you have it. How I became me.