New EP Released: One Season

I'm excited to announce that my first solo project, an EP titled "One Season," is finally available for purchase and download!

After years of ignoring any desire to get in the studio and record some original songs, my hand was finally "forced" as I faced a need to raise money for a missions trip I was going on to Liberia, Africa. (You can read more about that here).

The EP was recorded at El Rancho studios in Chandler, AZ, by Mike Eldred of Fender Guitars. It features the accompaniment of Vanessa Bisaha, Brian Morgan, John Vice, Mike Eldred, and Janice Bailey (read more here).

I would be honored if you picked up a copy today. Right now I'm asking for donations only, with 100% going towards my Africa trip (suggested donation $5).

You can go here to donate and download the album.

Check out the lyrics of the songs here, and the stories behind the songs here.

Glad to share this with you. Thank you for your support of me and my ministry!