God Needs a New Quarterback

Well, it's official.

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner has decided it's time to walk away from the game he loves, to spend more time with the people he loves (and less time getting the snot beat out of him).

I, for one, as an Arizona Cardinal fan, will most certainly miss him. Not only is he an incredible quarterback that any team would be lucky to have, but he seems to be a man of great integrity and faith.

Always quick to give God the glory, Kurt was adamant that people knew that his relationship with Jesus was the most important thing to him. Some were rubbed the wrong way by this (understandably so) but many others were thankful for his public professions of faith.

So it now seems that God has lost his starting quarterback.

Who is going to take his place? I think there are two possibilities:

1) The Obvious Choice - Tim Tebow

Tebow has been the collegiate Kurt Warner, so to speak. He, like Warner, never missed an opportunity in front of a mic to give glory to his King. His college career was great (arguably one of the best ever), but does he have what it takes to succeed in the NFL? Other than possibly being the next Kurt Warner, will he be the next Steve Young, or the next Danny Weurfel?

2) The Unexpected Choice - Philip Rivers

Rivers is mostly thought of as a super talented young QB with a super hot head. His teammates, however, insist what we see as "hot-headedness" is just Rivers having fun and being himself. He is not as outspoken as Warner or Tebow, but God may like his chances with this backup.

So, who's it going to be? Someone well known already (like a Rivers or Tebow), or will God once again look to the grocery stores, the realms of obscurity, to find his diamond in the rough...

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