26 Things I'm Thankful For




Since I didn't do the normal thing, (and by normal thing, I mean post some sort of "Happy Thanksgiving" Facebook status yesterday), I thought I'd take a moment on the day after Thanksgiving to offer 26 things I'm thankful for. It might be cumbersome to just think of 26 random things, so I'll use that trusty old device called the "alphabet" to help me stay focused.

So, in alphabetical order, here are 26 things I'm thankful for this year.

Apple, Inc


Cardinals, Arizona

Democrats (See "R" before you get upset)

Espresso Machine

Fat Tire

Grove, The

Heaven & Hell (C'mon, isn't it rad that they both start with "H?")


Jaemien (Son #3)

Kate (Wife #1)

Life Group

MacBook Pro

N.T. Wright


Pastoral Team


Republicans (See "D" before you get upset)

StuffChristiansLike.net (you gotta check it out)

Tai (Son #2)

Usain Bolt


Where the Wild Things Are

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (it showed how NOT to do an origin story)

You Don't Know Me (by Ben Folds and Regina Spektor)

Zeke (Son #1)

The ArtsColby Martin