Traffic Pet Peeve? Poetic Justice...

Everyone has them... Those things that just DRIVE you crazy when you're out on the road.

People who cut you off... Speeders... Slowers... Motorcycle crazies...

For me, I can't stand it when someone thinks that the world is their ash tray. I'm tempted on a daily basis to jump out of my car, run up to the car in front of me, grab the cigarette butt they just tossed out their window and turn to them and tell them, "oh, don't worry about it... I'll get this one." Then casually walk back to my car.

Haven't done it yet, but one of these days.

This morning, I heard this story about a guy from Denver who also thought the world was his ashtray, however this time the world refused to take it!

The 25 year old man rolled down his window, tossed his cigarette out the window, only to have the wind blow it BACK in to his car! Not only that, but it set his car on fire!! (He was unharmed, so yes, you can begin laughing now).

Check it out.

Poetic Justice: Smokers car sets on fire

(click picture for full story)

What about you? What's your traffic pet peeve, and how might you see poetic justice had (without anybody getting hurt, that's the rule)?