Entering the Blogosphere...

a-colby-martin-blog-banner Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time...

About five years ago, after my wife created one, I decided to join the fray and create a MySpace page. I dug it for about a year, adding pictures and videos... posting a blog entry or two... leaving comments and ignoring comments... etc. After about a year, the "last visited page" number grew from a few days ago, to a few weeks ago, and so on... the joy was gone.

I gave up on the whole "social-networking" thing, and went back to reading books.

Then the Facebook craze took off... MySpace was relegated to teens and pre-teens, while the "mature" crowd moved on to the cleaner, simpler, more elegant and user-friendly Facebook. Again, I put it off. Figuring I'd end up just creating an account, post a few things, then let it collect cyber-mold.

And, again, my wife jumped in and started networking it up.

Then, I noticed person after person at my home church creating an online community on Facebook. And the thought occurred to me, "If I'm a Pastor, ministering to the people, and all the "people" are on Facebook, what ought that mean?" Ergo, I went to the people.

I've been enjoying the fruits of social-networking for two years now, and I can honestly say that many of my "real-relationships" have been strengthened as a result of it. I also experienced something interesting... I'm a big fan of American Idol, and this past season I decided to do a week by week evaluation of the performances, and post them on my Facebook, inviting all my friends to comment and interact. It turned out to be a big hit (for like 25 people... but still!), and it got me thinking: if people are interested in what I have to say about American Idol, might they be interested in other things as well? What if I finally created a blog (after thinking about it for 3 years) and had a place where my voice was added to the mosh-pit of the inter-web?

So, it has been done. I welcome you to colbymartin.wordpress.com

Here, I will primarily be blogging about all things related to worship, theology, and pop-culture.

I hope you come back and visit often, and interact when you have something to say.

Stay tuned for blogs on topics such as: -  Why Gran Torino was a Fantastic Movie -  Finally reading the Twilight Saga... -  The Best TV Show You've Never Seen -  Why I Change the Lyrics to How Great Thou Art -  I've Got a Case of Upgrade-itis -  Ecumenism within Worship -  Favorite New Gadgets -  And More

Thanks for reading.

cMart, out.

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